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The one word all aspiring entrepreneurs dread hearing is ‘NO’. 

  • No, your idea sucks!
  • No, we can’t fund your business!
  • No, I can’t make that meeting!


What if I told you that to true entrepreneurs, NO! is actually positive? Don’t believe me? Read on…

So let’s look at the word NO. For some it’s the end of the road, for others is a challenge they’re keen on accepting.

Let’s start at the beginning. You’re walking around with your “precious” idea, too afraid to share it…  because, you know, ideas get stolen! Right? Wrong! Ideas are worthless unless they are validated by lots of  ‘No’s’ and then strapped onto a truckload of action in order to bring them to life.

Go on, share those ideas, have trusted friends and colleagues that will poke holes in them (lots of NO’s) before you waste energy on them. 

So, now you know your idea is solid. The only thing stopping you now is a small pile of money and the world is your oyster. No problem, you start talking to friends, family, bankers, venture capitalists, angel funders, in fact anyone with access to funding. But… all you’re getting is NO, NO, NO!

Find out why, make the necessary changes and in no time, you will be hearing YES, YES and YES. 

Solid Idea, financial support, what could possibly stop you now?


“What do you mean the customers are saying no to our perfect product / service?”
– many a perplexed CEO. 


NO from too many potential clients, is the end of the road for ALL businesses – so dig in, find out why you’re getting NO’s. Adapt your product, change the price, etc.

Before you know it there will be a flood of clients keen to purchase your product / service.

So, there you have it: NO! followed by action = a very positive outcome ?


Our Services:

At Phezulu VBO we do more than just assist clients with overcoming the ‘NO’ factor, we are your “one stop SME shop”, assisting with everything from Accounting, Business Management, BEE, Consulting, Company Registration to Payroll and Mentoring.


For more information, please visit our website or give us a call on 010 003 8558

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